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Never Leave Our Fallen Behind

Never Leave Our Fallen Behind

The Quest for an American Flag and 52 Souls

About The Author

Tonja Anderson-Dell was born and raised in Tampa, FL. She has a very close knit family and is a dedicated and loving wife to Earnest Dell, mother to five beautiful children Destinee(Sean), Faith, Tevin, Angel, & Angela, and grandmother to two wonderful grandsons Eli & Chase.

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Where it all started

This site was created to bring you along on the journey of finding the missing C-124 Globemaster, the 52 airmen on the plane and their family members. I hope that their journey will help you on your journey to seek answers about your lost loved one.

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Facebook Page from the Beginning

In 2010 this facebook page was created for all of the families who loss loved ones in this crash...November 22, 1952. You all are not alone.

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Best Book of 2017

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4th Annual Author Awards Ceremony

This event features published authors from the Tampa Bay area who are making a difference in the community with their books. The night will be filled with music, drinks, food, prize raffles, award ceremony and an opportunity to speak with each author personally and purchase their works.

Gifts From a Glacier: The Quest for an American Flag and 52 Souls


Review on Missing C-124 November 22 1952

  If you have not yet gotten your copy, get it! This will provide so much more information and light to how much work this amazing woman has done for each one of us and those 52 aboard a plane that our hearts long for. You will smile and cry…

The Fire

The fireman came over to us and stated that our building was unstable and we could not go in, but they would try to see if anything of salvageable. I looked the fireman in the eye and stated, “In the first bedroom on the left is a flag in a…

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On November 22, 1952, 52 American soldiers departed on a C-124 Globemaster plane heading for Anchorage, Alaska. They never made it to their destination. When a rescue was deemed too expensive by the military, these men were left to the Alaskan wilderness and found their untimely demise. 60 years later,…

Gifts From a Glacier: The Quest for an American Flag and 52 Souls

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Anything is feasible if …

“…anything is feasible if one is willing to spend enough energy, time, and money on it.” My grandfather and the other 51 men’s lives were worth more than any dollar amount the government would or could put on their lives. Our government can spend money on unjust causes, but they…

Returning from MIA

” My husband died one month after he returned from leave; one month to the day, Tonja. I then asked her, “Do you mind if I look into what happened to Grandpa and the plane crash? I don’t want to bring up any feelings or upset you.” She replied, “Tonja,…